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Managing a growing web site can be time consuming work. When you first start your business site, the first 10, 20 even 50 pages with the picture information and product details may be easy to keep track of, but as your business grows so will your web site(s).
Good office software will keep track of your files on your computer, but what about the times you need your web site details away from your computer?
This situation has caused me pain in the past. I like to create web pages on paper, with a pencil so I can write down all my thoughts and pick out the best ones. Then I put the best thoughts in order, tag them, and link the pages and pictures I need. I have proven over the years that this is the best way for me to build web pages.
The management system that I am giving you here is the one I use for that solves my "away from the computer" building technique. If you use the ideas given here you will save time and frustration as your home based web business grows.
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