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A) SOFTWARE - The software you use to keep your customers, products and profits organized with can vary greatly in cost and performance. Microsoft, Alpha 5, Lotus, FoxPro, Corel and Borland all have good software to keep your business running smoothly, but they also have a higher price than you may want to pay at the start of your business.
Get free software that will do the job at
Your business future depends on good record keeping so learn to keep good records before you start your business.

B) PROMOTING YOUR SITE - Promoting your site is the most important work you will ever do at becoming successful on the internet. Listing to search engines, posting classifieds, and submitting to links pages needs to be done on a regular schedule.

Study your competitors by using the right mouse button to "view source" on all the pages that show up on the first page of a search using your key words. Change your web site pages often to stay ahead of those in your game. Most importantly search out all the information you can get on the subject of promoting your site. The rules change regularly so you need to know what the rules are to stay ahead.

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