Keep Your Site Simple

A) KEEP IT SIMPLE - You may like the thoughts of a JAVA script web site, 3D interactive site or a site set in frames, but the truth is that the simpler your web site programming is the better. By keeping your site programming simple you are allowing more internet users the chance to visit. Not all your target customers have the most up to date computer systems. (I still receive numerous orders from people with 386 systems and Windows 3.1)

Basic html is all that is used in and a few pre-installed cgi scripts. You will find a free html tutorial by Clicking Here. If you follow the tutorial from the start to the end you will have a greater understanding of how html works.

The home page to your web business site should include at least the following;
A short welcome
General overview with links to what is on your site. Focus on the free benefits your site has for visitors
Contact information including your email address, mailing address and telephone number. The search engines will take you more serious with contact information on the home page

By adding a game, news service, chat room or anything else that changes regularly you will increase the amount of "surfers" that will bookmark your site and make regular stops.

B) CGI, SHOPPING CART - To be a legitimate site, you need some functions that are programmed with CGI script. Feedback forums, quest books, search function and a shopping cart system are a few needs.
The best shopping carts are included with your web site host, like the one at Check with whoever your web site host is for more info on this subject.

C) MERCHANT ACCOUNT - If you plan on doing any noticeable business at your web site you will have to take credit cards. Internet sales are generally impulse sales, which means order now. Any distraction from placing the order right now will lose most customers.

D) COMPANY POLICIES - One of the first pages you should build for your business web site is a company policy page. Use this page to explain to all you potential customers exactly how you do business. Explain your satisfaction guarantee and any warranties you may have. Also explain return policy and how shipping works from your location.
Go to to see how I have my policy page put together.

E) SHIPPING - The number one customer complaint source. Most of your customers want their product no later than tomorrow, but are only willing to pay for regular mail, which takes at least 6 days if not 3 weeks.

Give your customers a choice of shipping. Use your company policy page or a separate page to explain the options available, the length of time each option takes for delivery, the exact price of each option and how easy it is to trace. (Internet users want packages shipped by methods they can trace on the internet.) Never ship a product paid for with a credit card by any method that can't be traced.
UPS is probably the best value for your customers if you are located in the 48 continental states, but is too expensive from my location.

Whatever shipping options you decide to use just remember to make all packages traceable or don't ship it.

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