Your Name, Location and Product Ideas

A) YOUR PRODUCT(S) - The product(s) you market on your web site is up to your interest. You want to market a product that you are truly interested in. Something you believe in. Something you know customers will be happy you sold it to them. Something you will confidently say "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back".

Aside from the factors above, your product(s) will work best if they are easily delivered to your customers. You should avoid heavy items and items that break easy. Postal nightmares are a reality in the mail order business so avoid products that can lead to them!

Drop shipping from other companies can be nice and easy, but don't rely on this method alone. You need control of your main product(s).

You need to find your "niche" in the market as fast as possible. This is the product(s) you will focus your efforts on untill you see profits. Then expand your product line to follow your first products.

B) CHOOSING A NAME - You need to be legitimate on the internet with your own domain name. Preferably a .com name.

Your business name and your domain name do not have to be the same, but your domain name should reflect the type of business you are conducting.

As you look for your domain name you will find that .coms are getting hard to get. Short names are almost impossible and the shorter your name the better. A good way to figure out a good productive name is talk to your friends about your product(s) and make a list of the keywords they tell you when they think about your product(s). As soon as you find your name remember to register it as fast as possible before it gets taken.

C) LOCATION - Before you register your domain name you need a place to host your name and future web business. Internet web hosts are easy to find and vary greatly in cost and service, so look around at your options before you comit to a host.

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