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Customer Satisfaction

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Dear __________________,


A young man walked to a telephone booth and called a certain number and had the following conversation:

Is this Mr. Jones?
I'm calling about the ad in yesterday's paper for the _______________. Is it filled yet?
Is that person doing a satisfactory job?
Thank you. Good-bye.

The drugstore clerk was very curious and asked this young man if he had wanted to apply for the job. "No," he answered. "I have the job! I was just checking to see if I was doing it adequately."

That's why we are writing to you today. We want to see if the ____________ that you recently purchased has been to your liking.

We at ____ (company's name) pride ourselves not only on our products but also on making sure of your continued satisfaction.



For a printable copy of this form (txt file)CLICK HERE

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