Getting A New Identity

There are countless reasons why one might want to create a new identity. Income taxes, child support, legal judgments, these are just to names a few.


This is important. The fact that you have created a new identity for yourself does not mean you will become that person. To really change your identitiy you must change your lifestyle to match the person you have become. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made when creating a new I.D. It doesn't look very good when you get pulled over and are asked to show your drivers license and your old business card falls out.

If you are hiding from someone and they know your lifestyle, you need to change that too. In more cases than one, people have changed there identities and have been caught because the other party know they like to go out to a certain strip of town or nigh club. The point is, one can not change the name on his/her drivers license and think that's the end of it.


The best place to begin is with a birth certificate. Every citizen born in the U.S. has a birth certificate that tells when and where he/she was born. This is something you must have in order to obtain a passport, social security card and in some states a drivers license.

Fourtunately, birth certificates are easy to come by since they don't have any pictures and rarely fingerprints. They vary greatly from state to state and town to town. They can be different styles and sizes. They can also be honered if photocopied and certified with a stamp.

There are a couple different ways of obtaining a birth certificate. The infant death method and the counterfeit forgery method. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages.

The forgery method can be used to get all valid identification except a passport.

To forge a birth certificate is just the matter of taking a real one and altering it. This can be done in a photocopy machine by copying it, taking the copy, blanking out the filled in spaces recopying it and working with a blank certificate. Once you have done this, you can fill in the blanks and recopy it and you're in business.

Well you're not really in business yet. When was the last time you saw someone applying for a drivers license with a brand new birth certificate. Over the years it would have been folded and lost some of its color.

Aging can be done by leaving the document in the sun. Another more professional method is to submerse it in a tea salution and letting it dry. It can then be folded and unfolded until the desired look is obtained.


This method takes a little more time but you can obtain all legal documents including a passport. It basicaly is the act of taking the identity of someone that lived and died. It is best to take an identity of someone that was born around the same time as you and unfortunately died within a year or two of being born. This is best because there will be no records of school, drivers license, credit cards etc...

First you must find the person you want to become. Keep in mind, race, sex, color. You'll have a hard time explaining a spanish name if you are white. Now pick a town and go to the library and start reading the old newspapers on the library microfiche. Start looking in the old obituary columns. When someone dies, it is usually stated where they were born as well.

The best name you can assume is someone that was born in one state and died in another. This will insure there is no cross checking between the birth and death of an individual which is something you do not need. If this is the case, when you apply for a passport, you will have federal agents at your door.

Once you have found someone you would like to become, it is a simple matter of ordering that birth ceritificate from where it was issued. There are many reasons one might order a birth certificate. You can say you lost it. A relative may want it for a family tree they are working on. You will probably need to call the issuing office and ask what the procedure is. They may want you to request it in writing. Then so be it.

Once you have obtained your birth certificate the rest is down hill. You have allready established you new itentity.


Obtaining a drivers license or state I.D. is a simple procedure. This is something you must have. It has become the most abused form of I.D. there is. It was originaly designed as a form of I.D. for driving a car. Now everyone wants see it for everything.

This is the matter of going into a drivers license issuing center, showing your birth certificate and walking away with a license under your assumed identity. You may have to take a driving test since this will be the first license you have ever applied for.


It would be very strange for someone to have nothing more than a drivers license in his/her wallet/purse. It is necessary to have business cards, library cards, bank cards, pictures of a spouse or a pet. These are all necessary to complete the disguise.


The law states that you must have a social security card to work in the U.S.A..

Two ways to obtain this one. One way is to take someone else's number. The other is to apply for one.

The first way is to use somebody else's or make one up. If you indend to make one up, you should know the numbering sequence used by the administration. The first three digits are the most important, They respond to the state where the number was issued. We have supplied a SSN index chart for you as it covers this information. The false numbers you are using should correspond to the state where you allegedly applied. The second set of two digits are less important. These tell the approximate year of issue. Odd numbers between 05 and 09 were probably issued before the late 1930's. Even numbers from 10 and up were probably issued after that. In the late 1970's, previously unused numbers between 02 and 08 began to circulate. The final four digits can be used without any worry. This is the sequence of offices you used to sign up at and this is virtually unverifiable.

Applying for a number is quite easy. The social security office does not perform background checks to see who you are. Besides, you have a valid birth certificate and drivers license. Social security offices are under budget and understaffed. It should be easy to understand this is a system that can be easily manipulated.

If you are over the age of eighteen, you must apply in person. The clerk may be curious as to why you are applying for a social security number for the first time at the age of fourty. You must be prepared with a good story. Perhaps you can say you were supported all your life and only now you wish to work. Maybe you can say you were a missionary and have been traveling around the world.

In any case, have a good story. The worst that can happen is you will be turned down. Remember, there are thousands of these offices within the U.S.. Try another office.


Now that you have a social security number, you can start a business. open a bank account, apply for credit cards or a loan.

Use mail drops, mail forwarding, answering services under your new name. These can be handy for many things. Plus it will give you a new address.


Important and foremost, remember if you make a deposit or withdraw of more than $10,000 in one lump some, a bank is usually required by law to report it to the I.R.S..

In many cases, you can open an account through the mail and need not go into the bank. In most cases, all that's required to open a bank account is some sort of I.D. that says you are who you say you are. A drivers license would be normal. A social security number is usually needed but not necessarely shown. You can say you don't carry it with you and then recite the numbers off the top of your head.

Once you have a bank account established, you may be the type that would like to stay anonymous. Between checks, atm machines, there is no reason to go into a bank. If you do need to go into a bank, go when they are busy. This will prevent anyone from getting a positive I.D. on you.


Not necassary but nice to have. The best place to start is with a chain store that is offering store cards. These are usually easy to get because the store wants you as a customer. Around christmas is the best time when stores are throwing there cards at you. Preapproved cards that come in the mail are also a good place to start. This may cost you high interest but it's well worth it to start building good credit.

Maintain your first cards and pay on time and before you know it the major ones will be calling you. You'll also be able to get loans more easily. Credit is basically a game that you have to play.


Starting a false business is a very easy. The first way is just the matter of registering a business with the proper government authorities using all of the new identification documents you have allready aquired.

The second way is to fill out all the necessary government registration forms but don't actually turn them in. You make the documents look official for establishing a bank account and that's about it. You're in business.


This is perhaps the most important part if you are planning to disappear. How bad do you want to disappear? If it's from a creditor, you probably don't have to do to much. More than likely, if you owe $30,000, they'll spend a few hundred dollars looking for you and then give up. Why? Because it's not worth it to them. They'll write it off on there taxes.

Other creditors such as the mob may think differently. The police may not give up so easily either. In these cases you must really dissapear.

The way most people are caught is that they just can't leave there old life behind. Another way of getting caught is by bragging about what you have done. This can be solved without a problem, DON'T TALK.

Leave your old life behind. This includes but is not limited to your previous occupation, hobbies and habbits.

Another way you may get caught is from your persciption drugs, credit records, unemployment records, asset checks, etc... All of these are records in which you can be traced.


If someone is looking for you, either they will run out of money and give up or you will be caught.

One sure way to dissapear is to have someone file your death certificate under your old name. This will sart the dividing up the estate procedures. Here again, people get caught because they are greedy and want the money.


In concluding this, I will now tell you the most important thing for to remember: Be creative and will have no problem obtaining a new I.D.. Maintain your new I.D. by keeping silent to others and changing who you REALLY are.

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