How to Break in Using the XP GUI

You could try out the other net commands on Oldguy. Or you can go to the graphical user interface (GUI) of XP. After running the above commands I click My Computer, then My Network Places and there you'll find the victim, er, I mean, target computer. By clicking on it, I discover that ftproot has been shared to - everyone!

hackers secrets

Let's say you were to get this far investigating some random computer you found on the Internet. Let's say you had already determined that the ftp server isn't open to the public. At this moment you would have a little angel sitting one shoulder whispering "You can be a hero. Email the owner of that computer to tell him or her about that misconfigured ftproot."

On the other shoulder a little devil is sneering, "Show the luser no mercy. Information should be free. Because I said so, that's why. Hot darn, are those spreadsheets from the accounting department? You could make a lot of bucks selling those files to a competitor, muhahaha! Besides, you're so ugly that future cellmate Spike won't make you be his girlfriend."

Some hackers might think that because ftproot is shared to the world that it is OK to download stuff from it. However, if someone were to log in properly to that ftp server, he or she would get the message "Welcome to Oldguy on Carolyn Meinel's LAN. Use is restricted to only those for whom Meinel has assigned a user name and password." This warning logon banner is all a computer owner needs to legally establish that no one is allowed to just break in. It won't impress a judge if a cracker says "The owner was so lame that her computer deserved to get broken into" or "I'm so lame that I forgot to try to use the ftp server the normal way."

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