How to Install NetBIOS

You might have to make changes on your system in order to use these commands. Here's how to enable NetBIOS for Windows XP. (If you are stuck with Windows 95, 98, SE or ME, see the end of this Guide for how to enable NetBIOS.) Click:

Control Panel -> Network Connections

There are two types of network connections that may appear here: "Dial-up" and "LAN or High-Speed Internet".

Newbie note: A dial-up connection uses a modem to reach the Internet. LAN stands for local area network. It's what you have if two or more computers are linked to each other with a cable instead of modems. Most schools and businesses have LANs, as well as homes with Internet connection sharing. A DSL or cable modem connection will also typically show up as a LAN connection.

To configure your connections for hacking, double click on the connection you plan to use. That brings up a box that has a button labeled "Properties". Clicking it brings up a box that says "This connection uses the following items:"

You need to have both TCP/IP and NWLink NetBIOS showing. If NWLink NetBIOS is missing, here's how to add it. Click Install -> Protocol -> Add NWlink/IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol.

Newbie note: NWLink refers to Novell's Netware protocol for running a LAN.

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