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The undersigned, being a shareholder of ______________________, a ____________ corporation, hereby consents to the election of that corporation, made on Internal Revenue Service Form 2553 to which this statement is attached, to be treated as a small business corporation under Section 1362(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

The name and address of the corporation are: ________________, ________________. The corporation's tax-payer identification number is: ______________.

The undersigned shareholder's name and address and tax-payer identification number are as follows:

Name and Address     Taxpayer Identification No.

______________________    ______________________



The number of shares owned by the undersigned shareholder, and the date or dates when the undersigned shareholder acquired those shares, are as follows:

Number of Shares     Date(s) Acquired

_____    ___________________

_____     ___________________

Dated ____________________


For a printable copy of this form (txt file)CLICK HERE

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