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Motor Vehicle State-by-State Web Site Links

Use the links on this page to register your motor vehicle, obtain a drivers license, or find a physical location to take a driving road test. You can also find the resources you need to replace a lost motor vehicle title, or find out if the vehicle you are about to purchase has a clear title.

Alabama - Motor Vehicle Division

Alaska - Department Motor Vehicles

Arizona - Motor Vehicle Division

Arkansas - DFA

California - Department Motor Vehicles

Colorado - Division Motor Vehicles

Connecticut - Department Motor Vehicles

Delaware - Division Motor Vehicles

Florida - HSMV

Georgia - Division Motor Vehicles

Hawaii - Motor Vehicle Registration

Idaho - Division Motor Vehicles

Illinois - Cyber Drive

Indiana - Bureau Motor Vehicles

Iowa - Department Of Transporation

Kansas - Division Motor Vehicles
Kentucky - Transportation Cabinet

Louisiana - Department Public Safety

Maine - Bureau Motor Vehicles

Maryland - Motor Vehicle Administration

Massachusetts - Registry Motor Vehicles

Michigan - Department State

Minnesota - Department Public Safety

Mississippi - Motor Vehicle Licensing

Missouri - Motor Vehicle Licensing

Montana - Motor Vehicle Division

Nebraska - Department Motor Vehicles

Nevada - Department Motor Vehicles

New Hampshire - Division Motor Vehicles

New Jersey - Motor Vehicle Commission

New Mexico - Motor Vehicle Division

New York - Department Motor Vehicles

North Carolina - Division Motor Vehicles
North Dakota - DOT

Ohio - Bureau Motor Vehicles

Oklahoma - Department Public Safety

Oregon - Driver Motor Vehicle

Pennsylvania - DOT

Rhode Island - Division Motor Vehicles

South Carolina - DMV

South Dakota - Division Motor Vehicles

Tennessee - Driver Services

Texas - Department Public Safety

Utah - Division Motor Vehicles

Vermont - Department Motor Vehicles

Virginia - Department Motor Vehicles

Washington - Department Licensing

West Virginia - DOT

Wisconsin - Division Motor Vehicles

Wyoming - Department Of Transporation

Washington DC - Department Motor Vehicles

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