Read my story before you pick an internet or phone service in Alaska, or anywhere ATN International services

My ACS Alaska experiance, I'm sorry Alaska Communications, (They changed the way we refer to them because everyone found out ACS stands for
Awful Customer Service)

I sent this letter to ATN International, the parent company of Alaska Communications, with no responce.

I was a loyal customer of ACS for more than 20 years, untill they could no longer provide service for me.

Starting in July 2010 after a major electical storm that burned up my, (and many others around me) computer and telephone, my telephone and internet would never work right. I contacted ACS about the problem, they said it was my phone lines, so I replaced them. The phone worked better but had an echo and hum in the backgound. The internet was also super slow, I don't use either the phone or internet alot so I just let it go.

Then the real fun begain. Every time it rained my phone would stop working, and my internet would go on and off. I contact ACS and again It's my fault. I replaced the wires again and ran them through pipes to keep any water out. After this the phone worked just like it had been since the storm with a echo and hum and the internet was still super slow.

In 2017 the phone went totally out again. ACS sent a guy out who told me that to fix the problem ACS would have to rewire the whole place and they would not do that any time soon, but that when he was around he would "tweek" the lines to keep my phone working. He wasn't around very often.

In July 2020 the phone got so bad I could not use it. The phone would give you a head ache to pick it up and the internet went dead slow.

I tried to contact ACS, but they ignored me. I was put on terminal hold for hours. I was transfered to other phones that don't answer. My emails were ignored at first, then I got a standard reply that the problem was my fault again, even though they knew better.

The phone and internet both stopped working in Jan 2021. I was going to make contact again with ACS but the phone and internet at work stopped working too. For 40 days I had no phone (I do not own a cell phone), and no internet. What was I suppose to do? ACS can not provide service so I go to GCI (at much higher cost).

A year later, I find out that ACS send the last month that I had no service to a collection company. Why? ACS never sent me a bill or tried to make contact with me. After all the years of paying for sub-par phone/internet service and this how they want to end it? They could not provide service and all I wanted was to have service.

Some time in the future I'm going to move from this spot and when the choice of phone service comes up quess how I'm going to feel about Alaska Communications, or any ATN company?

Also, just a side note, I have six children who listen to what I tell them and they all have a choice, plus I work at the post office. Those Alaska Communications "Why Pay More" fliers? All I have to do is reach the customer our telephone and tell them that's why you pay more to the other guy, because of Alaska Communications Awful Customer Service.

This is all over one month of service that I did not receive, and I have already cost your company ten times that much and more every month. I want to forget about this, but untill you fix the collection problem I can't and will continue to advertise the poor service I have received from your company.

I sent a letter to your company here in Alaska, but no response. I have not contacted the Regulatory Commission of Alaska yet or the FCC (long distance was involved) but if you don't do something I will.

My next step is small claims court. $91.00 was the bill. How much is your lawyer?

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