Legal Letters

Legal Letters 2000
Hundreds of Legal Documents.

Legal Letters 2000 business software

Ultimate Legal Letter 2000 contains 343 legal letters, but with this software's easy-to-use search engine finding the letter you need is simple! Your Legal Letter software includes power of attorney, real estate, will & trusts, general contracts, legal agreement, authorization, professional legal letters, legal business letters and many more! With Legal Letters 2000, creating your own legal letter is just a point and a click away.

This is some of the best legal letters you will ever need! Order now for only $4.99 with free shipping.

This program works on IBM compatible systems with Windows 95/98/00 on a 486 or newer system with 8M RAM or higher. Will also work on Win XP using enviromental settings.

Legal Letters 2000
Price $4.99

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